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FMV is one of the nationís preeminent firms offering a broad range of financial advisory services to private and public companies, and their advisors.

For over two decades, the firm has served its clients by providing intricate and highly specialized financial opinions, property appraisals, complex litigation support, tax and business valuations, as well as investment banking services focused on mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

News and Events

Apr/MayArticle in Valuation Strategies magazine: "Asset-Holding Entities and the Income Approach" by Lance S. Hall, ASA
May"The Current State of Estate and Gift Tax Valuations" - A presentation at law firms and other estate planning professional services firms in California, New York and Texas.
May 7FMV Alert - "Given the Consistent Defeats Suffered by Taxpayers in Conservation Easement Cases, this can be considered a Rare (Mixed) Victory ... " (Palmer Ranch Holdings)
June 13FMV Alert - "If at first you don't succeed, try, and try again." by Carsten Hoffmann, ASA, TEP
June 24FMV Alert - "Quid Pro Quo – Not Every Contribution to a Charity is Purely Charitable (and Deductible)" by Nathan M. Gallagher, ASA and Matthew T. VanEck, MAI
June 25FMV Alert - "Round and Round We Go, Where We Stop, the Second Circuit Knows" by Bryce A. Geyer, CFA, ASA
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